The life of a singer is a hard row to hoe
Driving in the wind, the rain and the snow
All night on the highway with miles left to go
Towns you never heard of, people you don’t know

Chalk cat on a doorstep, smile across her face
Stew pot overflowing with her warmth and grace
Like her mother before her, she’s gentle and kind
Way down in Kansas, on the Oklahoma line

The hobos of yesterday would always make a sign
On the doorway of someone who was so very kind
They’d draw a cat on the sidewalk , where it wasn’t hard to find
To help the next traveler, ease their troubled mind


Friends in town or cites, help lighten up the load
A beacon of sunshine on the dark and lonely road
We sing and talk till midnight, awaken at dawn
With wet eyes and good byes, sing our farewell song