Child of the 60s

Words & Music by Rik Palieri, ©1996

Child of the 60s, you watched that Sputnik fly,
Just a latch key baby, watching TV, Learning to survive,
Sharing your house with Captain Kangaroo, Soupy Sales,
John & Paul George and Ring too
When you first went to school, and heard the air raid sound,
Kruschiev said he bury you, beneath the cold, cold ground.
you bowed your head, underneath your desk and then began to pray,
Hoping that the Atom Bomb wouldn’t fall on you today.

Child of the 60s, you saw your heroes die,
murdered by assassins right before your eyes.
Jackie in her bloody dress, Martin laying on his side,
Bobbies face close to death, made you weep and cry
Blood stains on the TV set, the Flag raised at half mast
your hopes for future were buried with the past
Camelot is burning, the walls are tumbling down
dreams are forsaken, when bullets steal the crown

Child of the 60s with your long flowing hair,
you believed in love and peace and freedom everywhere./
marching to Washington, you held your head up high,
Telling Richard Nixon, Vietnam’s no place to die.
The newsreels told the story, but Nixon had no shame,
Sending young lives to die for a war we fought in vain.
Now you cry with the Veterans and morn for the dead
And hope we learned a lesson for the rough times ahead..

Child of the 60s, head lost in the clouds,
smoking dope, now take a toke to be one of the crowd
losing your perspective in a marijuana haze,
not living for tomorrow, still lost in yesterday
the line’s drawn on the table your life’s is up your nose
you watched your friends disappear, with the poison that they chose
new flowers in the grave yard, the candle’s burning dim
you jumped into the ocean, but never learn to swim

Child of the 60s, not living in the past,
Trying to hold on to a world that’s spinning fast.
cyber-dreams in outer space, with both feet on the ground.
talking to the universe, while the world spins round and round
talking to the universe while the world………. spins round and round
and round and round.


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