Coffee On My Mind

Words & Music by Rik Palieri
Woke up this morning, sun was slowly dawning, 
I just couldn’t get my feet out of bed.
So I stumbled to the kitchen, to improve my sad condition, 
sweet coffee beans roasting in my head.
Now my tongue was salivating, while the pot was peculating, 
for that black liquid gold just lay ahead.
Then I smelled that sweet aroma and woke up from my coma, 
and these are the very words I said 

Give me, chocolate raspberry, Tanzanian peaberry, 
you know, Ethiopian, blows my mind.
I have the intuition to change my disposition, 
you know, I love coffee all the time.
Give me, Blue Peeks, from Jamaica, Guatemala, 
mocha java, cafe o-lay is OK every time.
Dark roast or French roast, from the North, 
east or south coast, you know I got Coffee on my mind.

Night time is falling and my thoughts keep on calling 
for one more old cup to get me through. 
This day was a mess, filled with pain and distress, 
and I need another hit of that hot brew.
So I jumped into my beat up car, and drove out to a coffee bar, 
and now my head is feeling almost new.
With hot coffee in my hand, I’m here listening to the band.
Now I ‘m go’na tell these simple words to you.