Pandora’s Box

Words & Music by Rik Palieri, © 1995
last chorus by Christel Fuchs Holzer
The war's end was near at hand, when the news was heard world wide.
We had a secret weapon, with a big surprise inside
We learned to split the atom, it was the latest rage
When we opened up ,Pandora's box,
And let the monster from his cage.

Our leaders and some scientists, were happy with their toy.
And sent a plane named Enola Gay, to deliver ,Little Boy
Those lousy Japs, with their sneak attack, it's time to make them pay.
So they opened up Pandora's box, sent Little boy on his way

The Atom Bomb exploded, in a fire ball of flames
It scorched the earth and shook the ground, while buildings fell like rain.
Men and Women screamed and yelled, their bodies burned to dust
we opened up Pandora's box  Now the war belonged to us.

Since that day, the world has changed, with bombs in many hands
And every time a war breaks out, the fear returns again
Will someone push the button? and point the bomb at us
we opened up Pandora's Box, there's no one left to trust.

Brighter than a thousand suns, this power house of flame
It's angry winds of hate and fear disguised in freedom's name
The lust for power, land and wealth, just feed it's holy flame
We opened up Pandora's box and the monster still remains

There are no real winners, when a nuclear war is waged
For all of life's living, will reach an early grave.
There's no quick solution, but if we only could
Put the bomb back in the box, and lock it up for good.

Then We'll lay down our weapons, and learn to live as one
& Then my Friends, our work for peace will finally be done!

This song was written on behalf of all those who lost their lives from the American bombing of Japan and the hope for continued nuclear disarmament.