The Trip

Words & Music by Rik Palieri
Thirteen years old, a long way from home
Feeling much older than the years you have grown 
You're off on a journey, your feet off the ground
Your body is shaking as you swallow it down.

Your head is exploding, your eyes open wide
The demon inside you, it laughs till it cries
You dance with the Devil as trees cavalcade
With stars swimming brightly in pink lemonade.

Your thoughts are distorted, now everything's black
You want, but can't picture your mind coming back
Fear grips you tightly, its hold is too strong
Dark shadows are lurking to take you along.

The Hyena is laughing, you're in it too deep
You can't get away and you can't get to sleep
You wish for a moment your life was all through
Then picture your skull, with a blade running through.

The sky is your canvas, your finger's your brush
You think what you see then paint what you must
Lightening bolts crackle, Peter Max, says “Hello”
And you wonder how much deeper you'll go.

Stars turn to horses that race round the moon
You start to come down, but don't start too soon
Your island is spinning, you're out of control
You'd give anything, just to buy back your soul.

Now Owsley is leaving, he bids you farewell
You walk out the gates of the fires of Hell
You've touched planet Earth, it's time to go home
But please leave the Power of Acid alone.

Thirteen years old, stilled burned in your brain
The memories still lingers, you still feel the pain
You're out of  that prison, the jail house is free
But you wonder are you, who you started to be
You wonder are you, who you started to be.

Back when I was a young teenager, I had a bad experience with LSD. This song goes out to all those young experimenters, as a warning, that the trip you take, can be a lot more than you expected.